Driving Times

The driving time following rules apply:

• The daily driving time is limited to 9 hours. Twice a week, it may be extended to 10 hours.
• The weekly driving time is limited to 56 hours.
• The total driving time during two consecutive weeks shall not exceed 90 hours.
• After four and a half hours of driving, the driver must stop for an uninterrupted break of 45 minutes or he should take a break of 15 minutes, followed by inserting a break of 30 minutes within a four and a half hour period.
• A mandatory weekly rest period of at least 45 hours (weekly rest period) or 24 hours (reduced weekly rest period);
• Between two weekly rest periods a driver's can take only three reduced daily rest periods.

Liability of carriers
Transport companies and must ensure that their drivers can comply with the regulations on recording equipment in road transport.
Transport companies are liable for infringements committed by drivers, except in cases for which it can not be held liable, such as when a driver working for several transport companies and has not provided sufficient informations needed to comply with this Regulation.

The Regulation applies to all domestic and cross-border road transport within the EU and between the EU and Switzerland and the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).
The Regulation applies to the transport of goods by vehicles with a total mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes, and the transport of passengers to carry more than nine persons.